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Window World Prodigy® Insulated Wall Vinyl Siding System

Reduce Energy Costs Year-Round

Window World Prodigy Wall System gives you the rare opportunity to protect your home from the elements using affordable yet highly effective materials. With the thickest EPS foam insulation on the market at 1.5 inches, the Prodigy Insulated Wall Vinyl Siding System will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, helping you save money on energy costs. Each Prodigy profile comes with unique options so you can choose the type that is right for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for – our certified home improvement specialists can help you decide.

With top-quality insulation and several different types of vinyl siding, Window World is your place to go for exterior vinyl siding.


  • Up to 1-1/2″ thick precisely contoured insulation* to reduce energy costs
  • TrueForm Design
  • RigidLock Locking feature
  • Premium 6″ exposure width
  • Subtle, finely milled cedar grain finish
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty

Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Vinyl Siding

Durable & Energy Saving

If you want to give your home the best insulation available against the heat and the cold, your best bet is Window World’s Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Vinyl Siding. Thanks to its 1.25 inch-thick layer of insulation and moisture-resistant design, this product has earned a Perm Rating of 5. The Comfort World 4000 has been engineered to handle impacts 5 times more powerful than conventional siding. When you add all this up what you get is an attractive, durable, well insulated and moisture-resistant home.


  • Premium 1-1/4″ Energy Efficient Insulation* Thickness
  • Advanced Rolled-Over Nail Hem
  • Unique Panel Locking Design
  • Superior Durability
  • Straight and True Course Lines
  • Oak Grain or Matte Finish
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

Advanced Locking System for Superior Strength

Our strongest type of vinyl siding is the Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding. Thanks to its advanced interlocking system, this product has been independently tested to withstand 155 mph winds and torrential rain – weather usually found in Category 5 hurricanes! If you have Window World Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding, your home will be able to withstand the worst that your area weather has to offer. Not only does is it incredibly strong, it looks great too!


  • Superior Advanced Locking System Panel Design
  • Rolled-Over Nail Hem
  • Uniquely Designed Locking System
  • Superior Rigidity
  • Straight Course Lines & Walls
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 2000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

Easy Care Appearance

Comfort World 2000 Vinyl Siding is an attractive product at an affordable price. Its wood grain textured finish looks just like actual wood siding but is much easier to clean. With its robust lock design and 0.044-inch thick vinyl material, this product will keep your house looking great for years to come. And as a bonus, it requires almost no maintenance! Just spray it every once in a while with your garden hose to keep it looking fresh and bright.


  • Advanced Lock Design
  • Double-Staggered Nail Slots
  • Double-Thick Nailing Hem
  • Easy Care Wood Grain Textured Finish
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 1500 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

The Look of Custom Wood Without the Expensive Upkeep

If you want vinyl siding that appears to be real wood, look no further than Comfort World 1500 Reinforced Vinyl Siding. This product has a lifelike cedar grain custom wood texture and its reinforced, rolling top nailing hem will keep each piece securely fastened to your home. Under ASTM laboratory tests, Comfort World 1500 Reinforced Vinyl Siding performed well even in hurricane-level winds.


  • Reinforced Rolled-Top Nailing Hem
  • Custom Wood Appearance That Won’t Chip, Crack, or Blister
  • Notable Shadow Lines
  • Beautiful Details Characteristic of Freshly Painted Wood
  • Cedar Grain Custom Wood Texture
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 1000 Vinyl Siding

Outstanding Performance at an Affordable Price

If you want the most bang for your buck, you want Comfort World 1000 vinyl siding. Our most affordable vinyl siding, this product is easy to maintain, attractive to look at and durable enough to last for many years. Its strengthened rolled-top nailing hem will keep it securely attached to your home, giving you well-deserved peace of mind.


  • Strengthened Rolled-Top Nailing Hem for Outstanding Performance
  • Resistant to Extreme Weather
  • Easy-Care Maintenance
  • Classic Look-of-Wood Beauty
  • Natural Cedar Grain Texture
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty